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Modify the Alesis 3630 comp/gate for switching and bypass in a guitar amplifier setup.

Alesis 3630 compressor mod:  Turn a stereo compressor into a dual gate/comp with remote switching. Parts: -2 relays 9VDC -4 diodes -2 resistors 65k -DC adaptor chassis mount jack. First you need to open up the 3630. The rack wings come off, the back cover un-screws, and the plastic nuts come off the input and output jacks. Remove all of the PC board jacks. Mark where each jack was, the names are also labeled on the back cover. In case you miss the labelling step. I found the output and input jacks on compressor B side were the best to use for signal in and out. The two compressors will be switched internally. Once all the jacks are removed. Make four jumper wires about 2cm long each to connect the side chain jacks. As they were when the jacks were installed. (Photo) The first relay is to be put in between the in/out jacks. In/out signal on the first set, comp A in out on the next set, and comp B is on the 3 rd set. The voltage switch pins should be read

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